Sunday, February 12, 2006

Glances through a straw

As I sit and drink the world through a straw, I see my life in clear view. Above my desk I have magnetic strips on which I keep important paper, or things I will loose if they are not right in front of me. I was leaning back admiring all my life. I noticed what I had up there, and couldn't help but think that it was my life.
It is colorful. organized, easy to see when something is wrong, and it is full of expressions. There are many different colors that encompass the wall. Organized in the fact that the things I need to look at the most are right by my monitor and then things I don't need to notice as often are farther away. It is easy to see when something is out of date, or not in the location it once was, or if I have forgotten something it is easy to see that I should have taken it. Expression of my life. Up there is my class schedule, spring break plane details, contact information for organizations, the portfolio information for ASU and CSU, a few photos of friends, 25 dollars to Amazon, plus a few other coupons to local places. It is my life in front of me.
I am not sure what I share it like I do, or if it helps to give me the feeling I know who exactly I am, when I really don't/ Perhaps it is the fact that I am "freakishly" organized and having things at a glance help to keep me motivated. The only thing is I am not sure.
I am not sure if I could drink my world through a straw. The chunks of worry might get in the way.
Worry that I won't find my class, miss my plane, forget to contact someone about an event, NOT GET INTO UPPER DIVISION, or know what to spend my gift on.
I suppose I won't open the umbrella until it starts to rain.... or I won't suck harder until I know there is a chunk in the straw.