Thursday, December 30, 2004

dang SKETCHY KIDS! I blame the plains!

You are 53% Sketchy

so long my year

Yes it doesn't seem that 2004, should be ending. It seems that this year has gone very fast, and I have myself asking, Where has it gone. This year had a lot of defining points of my life. In May I graduated from high school. I spent the summer doing nothing much short of working it away. I then took off for Arizona. It doesn't seem like I am done with a semester there. I know that I had a lot of experiences, and that they were awesome. I was able to leave Wyoming, thanks to my parents' support. To be able to go away for college is always something that I wanted to be able to do.
Arizona has felt like a long summer camp.... an awesome time of meeting people, and having a bast with them.
To "loose my computer butt" should be my new year's resolution, but then I would no longer be able to blog, what fun would that be?!?!
I am totally going to have to do some thinking on my New Year's Resolution, because it is something that I never do, and it is something everyone else does, so I should too. I suppose we are all doing it because we were told to, or because it is something else for this society not to complete together.
I know that that 2004 was a great year in many ways... a lot happened in my life, and those around me. I am ready to say goodbye to it, because 2005 has to have some amazing things in store...
that is.... if the world doesn't end.....

i have flat butt, big gutt though.... ummm maybe they thought I was Kady (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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i am like what is in my head

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

thanks dear

Feel like I am an old lady with aches and pains.. maybe it is the cold weather... or maybe it is because I left my copper bracelet in Tempe... or possibly it is all the knitting I haven't learned yet. HAHAHA Gosh I want to be a cute a little grandma...
like the little old ladies that come into the drug store... the ones that me that I saved their lives because I put a new pin her on watch to hold the band on.
It seems like I want to be one of those cute little happiness ladies. I don't want to have to take meds, or be in the hospital, or nursing home. I am not so sure about the little robots coming into my body and fixing me.. but I know that I don't want to a sick old person. I want to take care of myself and not have to have someone else do everything for me.
I want to be one that hits people with my cane! hahaha not the mean way but the cute little HAHA you are old and don't know any better. The little old lady with the scarf covering her hair, and the big hats...
I really want to wear the old smelly perfume... and be cute. Just be a little cute old lady...
soon enough ... but for now I am going to be the cute little Janelle... 19 year old girl...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And that's the way the cookie crumbles

Decorated Christmas cookies tonight... It was just something that you have to do before Christmas comes. Christmas music playing and just everyone having a good time.
I asked my sister to get my grinch from the preschool house for me, and she thought it would be funny to dress it up in underwear, to bring to me. I must say that it was very funny! The grinch was working the corner very well... corner of my kitchen that is.
I will put some photos of both events....soon
I must say that my house is not at all quiet like I thought it would be. Probably because for now, my sister, her fiancé, and I am all here. Soon enough though it will go back to the parents and me, and the family dinners won't be so eventful.
Tonight at dinner was calm for the most part...
We read some Christmas letters from my uncle.. HAHAHA that is the best part about Christmas. My dad's side of the family, NOT ALL OF THEM, but the ones I am closely related enjoy telling you all the parts of their lives, not the good things, mostly the bad. It was really a good one to read this year. I must admit that those always bring a smile to your face, one of the biggest of the season!
Other than that, I just got my old man, with flour during cookie baking time, but it was a pretty fun time around my house, and I can tell you that it makes me glad to have my family.
But I do miss having my BIG BUDDER around... family dinners don't have food fights without him.

Monday, December 20, 2004

snow of christmas

I woke up this morning to the wind blowing, and the snow falling. It seems so completely different. It was one of those days, that I didn't want to get outta my sweats, and just drink hot tea. I did drink the hot tea, but I had to get to work. I worked 7 hours. I wasn't expecting to work that much today but I am glad for the money... plus wrapping presents and giving out meds isn't all that hard of work. I work 8 hour days the rest of the week.
I have noticed how I see at least 5 people that I know everywhere I go. It seems like such a small place. I know that it is, but it just seems like I should be able to go at least one place and not know someone. I like how in Tempe, if I see someone that I know it is an excitement. It is hard for me to get excited at all about knowing anyone, cause you know them all. I have also noticed how when people here see each other it is all small talk or gossip. I can't stand it... it is oo did you see the truck that hit the power pole (really did happen this morn) or just the most random I don't care so why am I asking questions.
I have also came to notice why I used to have a hard time getting into Christmas. Working here and seeing how shallow most people are about it, makes me notice it. People just get upset at the 5 people in line at the post office, or at someone driving slow down the street. They also just take the surprise and excitement out of it. I suppose they have stopped searching for it.. they know what is going to happen because everything is the same, year after year....
Tonight I had a gift wrapping party... I got all my gifts wrapped, but I need more to wrap... gosh it is soo fun to do... I will probably make someone bring me all theirs tomorrow.
I am trying not to loose the excitement that I had for the holidays now that I am back in the same old of everything, and the bad attitudes of the customers, and not so joy of Christmas....

Sunday, December 19, 2004

will it make it

Well I thought that I would share about my trip home.. it was an adventure
I had a 6 am flight on Friday morn. When I was traveling at Thanksgiving they said to be there 30 min before so I thought it would be the same... well it turns out for United you have to be there 45 min early. so I was there 40 min early but that wasn't enough... I "missed my flight" I got into a long line to try and see if I could get on the next one each was at 7 am. There were a of people in that line for that flight, and it was a slow moving line. We never thought we would be checked in on time, and make it through security. Well the lady at the counter.. was going to put me on a 930 just to make sure I could get through security, but accidently put me on the 7 am. So i ran and out into line, and waited about 15 min there until I went to the first class people so I could make my flight cause it was boarding and had been for 15 minutes.
Once I made it on the plane.. the plane didn't move... it was getting some paperwork from some repairs.. I was like WHAT IS THIS!! so the plane landed 20 minutes late... making me miss my shuttle.
I had to wait about an hour for the next one, but that was alright because it gave me time to buy the ticket and do all the things I really had to do before I got on to the bus.. like pee. But so then I rode a shuttle to Ft. Collins. The ride was about 1 hour 20 min. Not bad.. the old people were really nice.. I was the youngest by about 30 years.. at the least.
Got to Ft. Collins.. .and saw the G-rents right away... got to spend around 3 hours with them until my mom came down to get me.... then shopped with her... then shopped more in Cheyenne.. then drove the long way home..
I could have driven here from Tempe in the time it took me to get home. It was a LONG day..
But that is alright
I worked Saturday at the ONLY LOCALLY owned Pharmacy. It was a LONg 8 hour day... but yeah... I had to answer all the school how is college questions--- forever lots.
Then there was today and the Church crowd asking the repeated questions. I went to the next town over to finish up some shopping. That went well. ERR NO IT DIDN'T ... I was going to do a few things for my mom's friend... wow OVERLOAD! It was crazy... line were long to... and just everything was crazy there. I was so like this is soo small. .. and I couldn't find things.. and yeah but it was an alright time... got to hang out with some of my almost extended family...

freeze me over

It seems that having to be somewhere that you are not sure you want to be doesn't really fit. But then you learn that you are good there and that you should be there because it turns out to be awesome. I am really enjoying spending time here in Wyoming. Mostly because I am staying busy thus far. I have been hanging out with my best friend, and visiting the kids I haven't gotten the chance to see. I also already worked and 8 hour day. I have also got to spend time with my family well mom and sister. I should hopefully get to see my dad for the first time tomorrow. It was good to see my sister get in to town late tonight.
I think that for now it is awesome, because I am busy. I mean I got home, worked, and just been catching up. I think that once things slow down I will be longing for the hotness of AZ soon! It seems that I am suppose to fit here, and all things are just suppose to be how they were when I left. I mean the people that I used to hang out with aren't the same, and there are a lot of other changes too.. So how can we just pretend that things are how they were. I think that that is what most people come back to do. I am not so much like that. I will be who I have become, and live the life I have there working this place back into it.
I am going to have to post about the concert I went to the night before I left, along with some other things... but I really have to get some sleep.
my mom doesn't like my smoker's cough.. even when I tell her it is all because I am a pot head now. but ya know...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

loud in the mist of silence

I am sitting here in my dorm room that I have had to my self for the first semester. Everything is on one side just waiting for some girl I don't know to move in. I know that if I do get a roommate I am alright with that, but I am scared that I will get back from break, and be like WHAT?!? I get back kinda late, because I wanted to see my BIG BRUDDER! IT is just going to be odd if there is some girls sleeping here. I am alright with that though. I must tell you I am not used to having things all quiet like they are though. It went from last night being a crazy mad house, to today which is empty halls, doors shut, and the airport busy. I know that when I get home, it will be all quiet just the same. I mean my parents aren't that loud... I am the loud one, and I have really become pretty chill since getting here. It seems that I am going to have to have music all the time... just like around here...

suns not kitsch!

I have never really been into sports that much. I mean I have been when I played them, and I do like to watch games, but it seems impossible for me to be able to remember players, stats, percentages, or teams. I mean I just watch what I enjoy. I watched the ASU football games to see my school, and I must tell you I am going to watch them when they are in the bowl, on Christmas. That is something that is for sure! I used to watch all the Bronco games (minus the the second half of the second quater, halftime, and the 3rd quater.. that was nap time) it was every Sunday. I really enjoy hockey, or skateboarding/bmx/anything but rollerblading... and will watch when I can. I must tell you though that the more I watch the suns, the more I really get back with basketball. I think that they are really exciting to watch. They are a really just FUN team! It doesn't really seem like it would be something that I like, but I can't help but get excited about the games. I am sure that having someone to watch with that has a passion for the game helps a lot of it, but still. I know that I am going to keep put on the games. I know that I will not be able to tell you anything much about them, but I can tell you that the firm that designed their uniforms, and court came to talk to one of my classes. The more I look at their designs compare to others, I get all like critical about how it is done. I really think that a lot of teams should redo theirs now. It seems like whenever I watch sports that is what I think about. I suppose at least I am not totally checking out all the guys, just the design of everything. That is what is truly awesome to me. I do it with buildings and everything but wow I didn't think I would start to telling you the art style that sports teams have taken their look from...
but I suppose that is my passion...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A hike to the end

This evening I hiked up "A" mountain. It is the hill at the end of north campus that has an A on it. ASU... yeah not just a mountain but A mountain... I must tell you that it sucks to have so much snot in your nose that you can't breathe to well, but the hike was enjoyable just the same. It is crazy because even though you are in the middle of the city it is like going off to the mountains, well not exactly but similar in a way. Being how I have one more night in this place... it was a nice little break to just go and take a get away from all the stress that finals brought, and the drama of going home. It seems that since I need to get away from here, but more I need to just stay here. I am not sure how I feel about any of it anymore.
I suppose I can go and hike up D hill... hahaha well ya know it can always be an adventure....
The sunset was beautiful, and it made me think that I need to see that beauty so much more. Yes I couldn't help but sing, and rejoice. It was amazing!
I suppose that I took the "healthier" route of bringing my first semester to an end. The end is here though, I mean tomorrow is really the end but I truly took my LAST final of fall semester...
I am returning to ASU next semester. I am excited... but we shall see what the year ahead are going to be like...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

going to be true

christmas is in the air... went and looked at lights last was awesome...
there is something a lot of things that you don't think about a lot... like how there are lights on palm trees, or orange trees... it is like thinking about how people have different traditions... there is always something that we do but it isn't like a set tradition it is just something that happens... it seems like the more tradition you have the more you would look forward to the holidays.. it would give you a set exception of what things are going to be, and you don't have to anticipate anything.... in someways it would also take away from the excitement of the holidays... i wouldn't want that to happen... i love to be surpised by the little things that end up happening... but the big things are what hold it true for me...

Monday, December 13, 2004

through a different eye

This evening, my best buddy and I went to go and take some photographs around. That is where we went around. With no where to go, we went. I must say that when I am taking photos, I have this way of totally focusing on the world around me. I am able to see things I didn't know were there, or notice details about people I have seen before. I am not sure if it is because I am searching for that moment, or image, but I love to be so aware of everything. I mean not even just my eyes, I hear all the sounds around me, and I just smell things, and all those senses that are taken away with the the focus on the big picture.
There is so much beauty out there.. It also made me see all the things I am going to miss a lot, when I am home for break. I mean I am going to miss the sandal wearing, the palm tress, the water that isn't frozen, it is moving... Then again I will see the beauty in Wyoming too.
I think that I often take the beauty around me for granted. I mean the city is beauty all in its own, the rural area also beauty in a different sense. I think that I often see the ugliness as beauty too... it is one of those that is ugly, but your trash.. my treasure...alright I am a trash digger too.. I can't lie! I would dig for all the values of the world...
Think about how much people throw away... I mean I would honestly LOVE to just go threw the trash-- but I suppose if that is how I had to survive it would not have that much appeal to me! But for now.. I am blessed enough to not have to, so it has MUCHO appeal on it!
The best trash cans would be those behide Thirft Store. They have to throw out clothes... and other things that aren't "up to quality" but think about how many good clothes you could find... good for me!
Maybe my new fave game will be what rubish bin (I Miss BEKA!!) to jump in today, instead of job for the day! hahaha

this girl named my hero

Honestly--- she is my hero! I am not going to tell you that I know her, but I do. I know her enough to admire the person that she is, and be amazed by the things she does. She is my hero!
You might think that you know someone just by the things you here, but I feel like I am part of her life, and she is a major part of mine. It seems that the things I hear are the good and the bad. I could tell you all of her faults, but more important the things she strives at! I have a hero, that I know... know her in a different way.. but to know she is my hero!
Something about meeting the people you don't know... it is like wow, I am finally meeting you and you are suppose to be in my life for a reason, I might not be sure of why yet, but you know that this person was brought there for a reason. I am really trying to look at the reason that each person was placed in my life. It isn't one of those things that is nice to do.. like you look at someone that taught you something that was soo hard to learn, but without that person you wouldn't have learned it... It is also hard to look back on the people you have lost and see what they added to your life, or meeting new people and wondering how your lives will be impacted by the other person.
I read the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" last year around this time. It was an awesome book. They actually just made a movie about it, and it really followed the book closely. But--- this book takes a man who goes to heaven and sees how his life has affected others. It is crazy to see even though some of the people he didn't know, he played a major role in their life. It makes me think about how if I am impacting others, and teaching them things. It is intersting to think about if your life affects everyone around you, and yet to look at the reason others are in your life....
Suggestion: Read this book! I have a copy! Then watch the movie! I have a copy too!! (My mom recorded it for me! YEAH) But acutally they are awesome!!

change my sun

I saw the sunrise this morning, for the second time since I have been here...
I must say I am not a morning person, yet it is morning and I am still up. I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that finals have really been kicking my butt. I thought I was prepared for this mornings, just to be proved wrong. One left, and now I know I must be not prepared, and then hoepfully I will be prepared. I am not sure what that means at all!
It is like supporting things, when I don't encourage them... or encouraging where I don't support....
I suppose it comes down to not doing the things you say... or doing things you say you wouldn't....
I want to go and watch our play we created years ago. It was soo awesome! I can't believe that we made that..
It was about how society changes the things they want us to hear, or see... how much they modify things to make things seem like they should. It was taking the new level of the truth, and what society plays it to be.....
We had a drunk, a pregant teen, a gay man, a politic figure, and someone else...
then they were all changed to something else... more "society correct"
How I got on this... well the I support things where I don't encourage them... line came from this play....

I am thinking that a nap sounds just about right for a time like this....

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sooo I really am a flirt....

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As I was walking this evening, it was awesome. I was wearing short sleeve shirt, pants, and sandals (chacos!) it was just the right temp. for a walk. I was just kicking my feet, and walking along then I was all like LEAVES! The leaves have FINALLY fallen! It is soo awesome, I could hear them crinkle under my feet, and just them brushing against the sidewalk. I can't help but love the crisp air I was breathing, and the leaves. It was just one of those evenings...


There seems to be something that I can't help but love about Christmas. I love the season. The songs, the decorations, the trees, and of course the spirit. I can tell you that it isn't Christmas without the snow though. I saw lights on a catus last night! What is that! I seriously don't see how it can be anything but a white Christmas! The thing love about the things here in Arizona compare to back home, is that even though there will be no Christmas snow, all the things still relate to snow. There is the fake snow, or the songs are just the same. The fact that it is 78 degrees outside doen't make any fact of the matter that Christmas is still based on the cold weather. The spirit of Christmas is something that I am just starting to see more. I suppose I didn't see it at home, because I felt the stress of Christmas with my parents, trying to get all the things done and all that. When I am way it seems that the spirit is strong. Everyone is ready to give, sing, and just celebrate. I love that about Christmas time, celebrating! I have been to parties, and pagents, all of much are celebrating. That is just an awesome thing to bring us all in.
The things I always love to do at this time are
1. an angle tree gift--- giving a present to someone that might not get one otherwise
2. playing Christmas and singing along horribly!
3. make a snowman (have to wait a bit for this)
4. drink hot chocolate from a holiday cup (bonus is with a candy cane and marshmellows)
5. Wrap Presents!! (If you have anything you need wrapped-- let me know I would LOVE to do it!)
6. Write Christmas the letter/cards. I like to make the letter honest, my mom doesn't like that.
7. Wear Red, and green together or seperate! hahaha like your grandma does :)

There are soo many more...
It seems to me that I just think that more people need to focus on the celebration of the season and not worry so much if everything is perfect! So do your favorite things of the season, and CELEBRATE!
I went to 2 Christmas pagents, last night and this morning, they were awesome to see how much celebration can be made of it. All the singing, acting, and just joy!

Friday, December 10, 2004 NO 107

107 slides.... yes that is right Art History final was not my best friend. I think it was my worst enemy. I can't seem to understand why you, as an instructor, would not want people to be sucessful in your class. I am glad that I am not going into education. It seems like a much less than perfect way to make a living. I know that my mom loves it. Then again she is not in the public school system, and her kids all are able to say the letters in their names by the end of the year. It seems a much easy thing to do. As a tutor, I see how much some kids struggle with the way that their teachers show them. It is like the teacher is setting them up not to understand. I could go off on how high school didn't prepare me at all for college, and how the public school system has failed me, but here are some things that high school did help me with....

1. Being able to remember things for the test- and then never remembering again: in other words, it helped me to learn for tests, and not application of the ideas.
2. It helped me to be sure I knew what "group", "clique", or what my "rank" as an invidual was. I don't think that I would be able to have made it this far without being placed into that group.
3. High School made it possible for me to want to compete for my school, giving me that boost of SCHOOL PRIDE, or SPIRIT! (Honestly I didn't have this, I might have been on student council, but I didn't rah rah rah at all, but now that I am PAYING to be at a university, I should have some spirit about it)
4. My character was develped! It is my understanding that this is no longer in practice at DHS, which I think is horrible! Character Development, made it possible for my beliefs to be challanaged by a peer, and yet hold strong. It made me see why I thought what I did. It also helped us to see what was wrong with America, all within one person (Can I just say--RH)
5. I was able to see how money works the system. Not to say that we had wealthy people in our school, but how we had those that had more than others. Much like I see now, those people are able to just put the money down and get a little more of what they want. In the ways of more playing time on a sports team, or paying for something they will have in the end.

This was information that I needed, well in some ways. I am not sure that I would have learned then without certian things happening, but I sure do know that I will enjoy my open book, open note test on Monday. That is setting your students up to achieve things, I really have learned a lot from the class, but could I tell you the meaning of a painting from 1808 don't count on it.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Snow me Home

It feel like it should be all snowy and all cold. I mean it almost Christmas, and I am yet to see snow fall. I mean I know I will probably the day I get back to Wyoming, but seriously it should feel like Christmas before than.
Speaking of going to Wyoming... It should be going home, I mean that where my home is, but I can't say that anymore. When people ask, when I am going home, I am like well I am there. I seems sad. Wyoming is a place that I love, but it just isn't where I am suppose to be right now.
Yeah guys... I LOVE Wyoming. I do... honestly I know that I would never have been able to have the experiences that I had if I didn't grow up in Wyoming. Where else would I have been able to have a cow in my backyard, and bottle feed it into a grown up Squiggles? (On a side note, I miss my Squiggles!) There were also the camps that I was able to go to, HSI, KEY Camp, SLC, and Bethel. I mean anywhere else but Wyoming these would have costed a lot, whereas there was little if any cost to me for these. I also had the chance to be All-State Student Council, and run for a state office. I doubt that I would have had the courage to do that, or much less the chance to. I wasn't able to ride horses to school, and most the roads are paved, but there is the fact that the four stop lights in my town, all cordinate together. I am thankful for Wyoming, and the experiences I took part in, but now I am here.
I have moved to a big city. Not a complete shock, and in fact I am yet to see some of the things I honestly thought that I would. I have had the semester here, and now Tempe is my home. How I defined it as home, didn't come right away, but these months have made it that way. I suppose that I can have two homes, it is not like I wasn't meant to belong more than one place. I suppose that is what I have now, two homes, that way I am not replacing one, just adding on.
So when I think about Wyoming, I guess there is a nice feeling that home will always be there, unless something terribly sad like a fire burns it down, but that will just be the house, and my family will still be there. The feeling of belonging will still be here, which makes it my home to start with.
I won't be able to claim my first Christmas without snow, just yet. I will be having a Wonderful White Wyoming Christmas, just a little different than I used to know. But the weather will be the same!

Reason I begin

As I was making my way across campus this morning for my 7:40 final, I made up my mind that I was going to start a blog. The reasons to start my blog---
1. I have no better use for my time
2. Christmas break is coming up and I am going back to Wyoming (need I say more)
3. I hold a lot of random thoughts in my head, why not share them, maybe someday they will change a life, or allow people
to know are not the only ones that think like that.
4. Honestly I thought maybe this is help people to know more about my day to day happens, or at least more of what I am
doing in Arizona.
5. I could see my breathe this morning and my nose was cold, I needed to share this somewhere! Why not a blog!
6. I often hear lawn nomes talking about design.....

Well if that isn't good enough, I just want to write. It is something that I love to do, but I haven't done a lot of since I have been here due to the fact that I waste my time other places. So maybe if I am doing it here, I will write more, while wasting time.