Friday, June 04, 2010

Meatless Monday

I have been swimming in work- my day job, school, and home. On the other side, I have really made myself take time to have some time away from it all.

Our backyard garden is really getting some veggies in our tummies.
Peach Picking Where we picked just about 12 pounds, with I made peach muffins, peach pie, peach blackberry pie, ate one raw each day for 2 weeks, and still have some in the freezer.

Camping and of course that meant a fish hatchery
We froze up north, with the wind blowing a million miles an hour! But it was a nice escape.

And we started Meatless Monday. Tonight when I was looking for recipes without meat, I discovered it is a real deal. Meatless Mondays, we are participating!