Monday, April 30, 2007

Janelle needs..

I saw this idea from, who got it from someone else... I am slow so it took me a few googles to figure it out..
But this according to Google.. Janelle needs (in other words I googled Janelle needs and found the following)
•I need to win.
•I need to take one for the team.
•I need a liiiifffeee! (this one could be true)
•I need an investment banker so that way I won't have to steal what I want...
•I need a perm. (I will stick to just a haircut!)
•I need to take her to the final. (Is this my lucky her, because I do have finals.. 4 next week actually AW)
•I need to start participating. (I should I think this would make a lot of things a lot better.)
•...carriage driving. (I could go for this just because I would then be in New York and it is not as stinking hot there!)
•Janelle needs to get closer..
•I need my constant companion. (YES YES I need a dog!)
•I need more blog posts in my blog...(this one is more likely than not TRUE!)
•Janelle needs to go

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Afternoon at the (manmade) Lake

well the color came in a bit off... but still I loved the ducklings! They were adorable! Of course the turtle sunbathing always gets my vote too...
I will fix the colors and repost later!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Paint it all orange!

Today marked the first of the Suns playoff games...
At the game we received orange shirts. It was an entertaining game. You can tell that we were very high, in fact a row short of the top but hey!
The first Picture is Boris Diaw- #3... He came out before the game and shot around. That was when we were sitting down on the floor seats, before we had to move up to seeing everything but the players.
The second is from the top when they were introducing the Suns starting line up. Notice all the orange shirts.

I was reading my old blogs posts and I thought about the blogs that I really like.. Ones that have a lot of things that they have created, made, or drawn...
So that is what I am going to work on getting more on here... but I must say.. I am getting a lot more photos up!
Phoenix is being painted orange with "Eyes on the Prize"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Green stains on the bottom of my feet.

My heart and prayers go out to those anyway impacted or touched with VT.

I love to run barefoot in grass. There isn't much grass around here (which I believe is a good thing) but when I am around it.. I take my sandals off and run. Or I love to spin in circles until I am soo dizzy I fall into the grass. Just the feeling of the cool grass on my feet..
The other day on my bike ride the chain fell off my bike... we stopped to put it back on, next to a patch of grass... as my boy was tugging at my chain I ran... barefoot in the grass...
He look over at me and just smiled...
This is how I came to the conclusion to name my blog after this... Barefoot in the grass..

I have photos on the camera that will bring this to life for you... Now to get them on the computer.... the time will come..

Off to drink tea and read Freakonomics... not my first choice of book but turning out to be interesting.

In spirit of my blog's new identity... I encourage you, when you see a patch or lawn of grass... take off your foot wear and spin around in the grass until you are so dizzy you fall down!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Big man... on a bike...

First I have to admit that I was an idiot and forgot to change the ISO of my camera.. so all of my Spring Break photos are not that great of quality. Maybe next time I will not be so dense when I am OUTSIDE! In the like totally SUNNY SUN!
But I really am beginning to think that I should be at Northern Arizona University. I think this guy is more my style than some little cartoon by Walt Disney.
This photo was in Flagstaff. I wanted to see a bit of their campus so before we left for the Grand Canyon we went there and saw this amazingly tall DUDE!
I enjoy being a tourist...
----You can take photos with everything and people just think you have never seen anything like it before. If I go back to NAU's Campus, I plan on dressing like this Lumberjack and retaking a photo with him.
----Also you can wonder aimlessly and never have a fear of getting lost. You can always ask for directions.

I took a break from writing this so I could go for a bike ride. We needed some things to make our dinner complete.. so instead of dealing with the traffic, we rode. It was a perfect evening for a bike ride. The air has a chill to it today.
My suggestion for the night..
go for a bike ride.. and come back and drink some tea.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take Time

Everything makes a lot more since.. when I am sitting back drinking tea. I am not sure how it does it.
•I have taken the time to know that I might not land the internship of my dreams, but that doesn't mean once that the wrong one will lead me to have many chances to know what I the perfect job for me to land is.
•That you don't have to get up earlier in the morning to accomplish the simple task of eating breakfast, just save water (time) and take a shorter shower.
•When you experience new creative outlets, your entire life becomes more creative.
• Things make more since to me in list form.
•Remember to drink tea about an hour before bed... For the simple fact of bad dreams, and having to wake up to pee!

I think that I have just been so stressed the past few weeks, worrying about nothing that I should be.
I heard a quote tonight on Extreme makeover Home Edition (the about 4 minutes I watched it) that really hit me...
"Lots of things to think about, but nothing to worry about."

Now that I am drinking me tea.. It really makes me think about how there is nothing to worry about... that worry just drives holes through my stomach lining and makes me feel stressed about so many things I can control.
I didn't take a nap today. My second Sunday in a row without a nap! I must say I didn't take one because I was accomplishing task after task... now that I am taking time I know that if I had taken a nap, I would not have finished a lot of other tasks that were for enjoyment today.

I posted the photo because when I took this photo I was taking time to enjoy everything. I was in San Diego for the first (and only) time. I really longed to just take time and enjoy all the sites and smells. I had not seen the ocean in years so I loved to the tide pools. Listening to the crashing waves.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sitting up on a branch

I am in one those situations again. The ones that I think I am going to loose my mind. My thoughts are jumping all over the place, my stomach is hungry and wants to be fed. I can't sit inside and still any longer. I don't want to be in the place I am at, but yet on this hot spring day I must.
I tried to keep my mind busy, I still try. I played games against people on the internet. I searched for summer internships. I even read the most creative blogs I know. I have also been searching for Easter Dinner Recipes but yet I am a little bit closer each and every moment to not having much of anything left at all.. or at least having to chase after my mind as it is far ahead of me as I am typing this.

I want to be climbing a tree.... sitting at the top looking down at the ground... feeling that I have conquered it.... I want to sit there and eat the fruit that is one it (Arizona you know... some dry oranges, lemons, or grapefruit).... Just to feel the juices as they touch my finger tips... I really just want to get out a the box of windows I am sitting in.. have my senses become aware of things that are totally around them.. to experience more than the keys of the computer, the phone and the pen... I am to be away from technology.. up in a tree...breathing in fresh air... feeling nature...

Today is Good Friday... It is the day that Jesus was put on the cross.. Bad Friday for him.. Good Friday for us who believe.
I feel like I should be honoring him today by climbing a tree...
I want to go to the Good Friday Service tonight, where they will be talking about the 7 things Jesus said on the cross... I think it would be interesting to have it all taken apart... to really know what was behind each statement. Very powerful...

I am out of this box soon... soon I will climb a tree... the problem is that I only have palm trees at my apt, not much to sit on up there...