Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The season of snow

*I hope it snows this week, a snowflake on your cheek would make this Christmas so beautiful*
It is hard to be anything but beautiful. Snow is something that is hard to be explained for me. Frozen water drops, YET each has six sides, and each one is completely different.

I recently was at the mall (a consumer's paradise) and discovered that YES, even in the middle of the desert, with global warming taking place, there is snow. It is simply a powder that you add to water, and like magic you get the look and feel of the real beautiful thing. I was tempted to buy some and try it out for myself, BUT the price tag was about the budget of one person on my list.
I casually passed by, upset at the lame attempt on something so naturally beautiful.
I some how came this fake water-powder, and brought it into my home The difference between this stuff and the white stuff I love was clear. BUT honestly when something smells like plastic, it just doesn't like so beautiful on cheeks, or eyelashes.