Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Coutdown

I hope everyone had a yummy Thanksgiving. I was able to go up to Wyoming and spend time with my parents. It was very VERY cold up there compare to what I am used to. I must admit that I went shopping on Black Friday. The good news is that I only purchased gifts and nothing for myself. I missed out on Cyber Monday but I suppose that is alright because I almost have all my gifts.

I am on my way to becoming an Arizona State University graduate.
I have 4 things due, 2 of which would not hurt my grade if I did not do. Seems crazy that I count down by how many things I have left, but that is because I have 2 online classes. If I was to count classes, I have 2 classes left. One which is a reflection class with a paper due, and one which is a 25 point quiz.

After I graduate, I have a job set up on campus as a graphic artist. I must admit that I am nervous and excited. I will not be walking for graduation, because of my college. I am okay with that because when you go to a large university it would be an entirely way to long of time. I will however be entering into a cubical that does however have a door!

Just a quick update! I have photos of my wedding location that I will post soon, the disappointment is that they were taken in the fall. I will be there in the heat of the summer. But the area is beautiful just the same!

Thursday, November 08, 2007



Partly Cloudy
Actual: 94 | 64
Precip: 0.00
Average: 79 | 53
Precip: 0.02

There has been many records set here in the Arizona in the time that I have been here. My first year here it broke the record for the most rainy days a year. My 3rd year it had the most days straight without rain. And this year it has broken all the heat records. Above is the temp from like 2 days ago.
So much for fall here.