Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday spills

Christmas is in the air... I can feel it now... I leave Arizona tomorrow and head back home. Something I have experienced lately though is how holidays can feel for those less fortunate.
I helped out at the Holiday Fun Festival this past Saturday. I got there early and helped inflate a ton of balloons to make an arch, and about a ton more for them to let go. (I was completely against this idea, I mean the birds tangled in strings, and the trash it would put back on the ground...but past that) As the song ended and the balloons flew into the air, all the children in the crowd cheered and had the smile on their faces like I would for my best Christmas gift. I then helped the children make Christmas cards. The older girls would read my nametag and yell Spanish at me. I would responded with I don't speak Spanish handing them the exact pattern they had asked me for. Then I was taking to one lady who had brought her nephew to the event. I asked this little boy if he would like to make a Christmas tree. The lady told me the only ones he had ever seen were in stores, or around town, never in his home. I gave a card for this boy, and a card for herself. The boy grabbed a different card from my hand. His smile when he took it was better than the balloons in the air. He hit at me and I tickled him. His aunt told me that she had never seen him open up to a stranger like that before. With the stolen card in his hand, he opened his arms wide and reach up to hug me. All he said was thank you, and then he grabbed my neck as I leaned down.
Things I have learned this holiday season---- mainly from attending events like A lighted boat parade, Zoolights, Holiday Fun Fest, and donated food, and my time are
-electricity costs more than the tree, and a tree without lighted bulbs isn't a Christmas Tree.
-Children, ages 3-5, enjoy Hot Chocolate-- not the special kind made for adults
-Sometimes 6 cans of Cranberry Sauces, and 8 cans of asparagus is to much to put into one food box.
-People want to pay you back if you have done something for them.
-If a kid doesn't see there dad much, he is still going to be the one that the Christmas card is made to.
-Buying a gift for one of the names that hangs on the tree might not change the world, but it can change the world of that one child who got a gift for Christmas.
-Traditions are for those who have had a past that is worth remembering
-Balloons flying in the air might be something I am against, but it sure can make a crowd cheer.
-Holiday shoppers don't care if you found the right gift, if they have it first.
-Students stress more about finals when they don't have to worry about getting home for Christmas, of if their plane will be delay due to snow.
-Everything tastes better in green and red
I have really learned that no matter the circumstances of the family, or person everything will be set aside so holidays can be celebrated.
One thing I have also come to find it is that knitting is done best when a Christmas movie is playing and hot chocolate is on the stove...