Saturday, July 26, 2008

When you name it someone you know...

Hayden gets a lot of toys in his life, but mainly because they control him in his chewing. We have started to name his toys after people so that he can get use to them.
This blue guy is Andy. Which Andy believes is mean, but I believe it is fun. I can't help it that the giraffe is tall like Andy so it helps.
His other toys are also named after people. I will show some of this other little friends...

By The Way::: Andy, if you wear shorts to my wedding, Hayden will bite your face like this because of the taste of blood.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tails of Hayden

Hayden did much better than expected his first night without a brother or sister to sleep beside him. Although he did enjoy sleeping outside his kennel on his big bed, which was fine with us since he was sleeping soundly.

Even after walking for over a mile, Hayden was playful and wanted all the attention he could get.

On a different note, we have a house now. It is located in Chandler, AZ , not to far from work and where we currently are. We are excited to be done painting and to move in. We spend a lot of our time things into place. Although finding a house was a long process, it was well worth the time we waited patiently for the house that we bought. Hayden is excited for the backyard and the neighborhood of new smells

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Night one of Hayden the Goldendoodle.
We picked up our new puppy from the airport this evening. I will let you know how the night goes, but we are very excited for this new addition. He is playful and cuddly.
Blocks from Planet Dog
He his a pouncer.
Practicing his moves for Doga (Yoga for dogs)