Sunday, January 01, 2006

12 months..12 minutes

Looking back on 2005 seems like a way to reflect and really come to see what happened in a year...

Thought about how it was a New Year, and much like the Death Cab for Cutie song, I didn't feel any different. It was the weeks of wasting away in Wyoming, wearing snowpants for about 2 weeks straight until it was back to school time.

Really started into the overwhelming time of 2nd semester at a huge university. I tutored preschoolers, and fell into the thoughts of feeling for others.

Figured I should step up my school, and get more into my classes. Went back to Wyoming for a week, at Spring Break to snow and preschoolers. Found out that I was getting better at drawing, but it was still a skill that I needed to work on. I know in 2006 know that I still need to work on it.

Started the first "romantic relationship" of college. Discovered that allergies are a year round event in Arizona, and that meds are the only way to not want to rip your eyes out or to be able to get through things..

Finished the first year of university from Arizona State! Look back on dorm life with the feeling of NEVER going back. Took a week break and began training for a summer job...

June-July-beginning of August
Days and Nights spent in a rotating shift work schedule of driving haul drive at a coal mine. Learned to sit for hours, and drive in circles. I figured out how my mind wonders but was also able to have some time that focused thoughts that helped my mind grow with ideas of future products.

Late August
Returned to Tempe for 3 semester at ASU. Moved into an APT, and build a room of IKEA furniture. Discovered more than I would have liked to about what an organized freak I am. The dreaded semester began...

Sept-Oct-Nov-Mid Dec
Consumed my self with school. Did hours of drafting and drawing. Built first projects that were 3D. Discovered that people were dropping the major because of the dedication it took. I was remind that I was passionate about design, and thing it could do..

Late Dec
Spent my time on my parents couch in Wyoming. Covered with a red and green blanket, and a remote in hand. Got out with friends a max of 5 times... thought about doing something, but truly lacked motivation

2005 was a year that brought more to my life that I could think of. I did have experiences that affected my life, and changed how I thought of things. I saw how the earth was being used at the coal mine and how it needs to be helped or it will quickly become nothing.
I discovered how easy it is to fall off the planet, or at least one person's plant. It is like hiding yourself into something and knowing that it will be something different.

I took time this break to read some of my old journals. It was interesting to see the person that I came from. I know I am the same with just things different. I have grown out of a lot of things, interests, or ideas. I also found that things are much the same with my habits and feelings. When I am busy I am happy, because I feel like I am needed and useful. It is also like I used to write, or create something for hours and loose track of everything, I still do this.
One year might not change a lot in my life, but it sure does give me a lot to look forward too...

2006 seems to be the year of surprises for me... being excited about trusting

This is the New year.... explosions off in the distance... problems with easy solution...