Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please consider...

One of my colleagues told me that I should put, Please consider the environment before printing this email. as part of my signature. I agreed but because I am a designer she said that I need to have a photo of a tree. I have to make sure I do not use copy-righted images so I drew one in Photoshop.
Here is my tree.

Not to shabby for my first time with Ink. Although there is no ground and the trunk is a bit fat and awkward.
It does make you think though. I usually have to print sample, as I do mostly print pieces. The recycling bin always has more in it than the trash. To me that is a good thing.
Now if I could only recycle my snotty tissues that I have been filling the trash with the past week. Although, I would not want the job of sorting through snotty tissues in the recycling center. As long as you do not use Kimberly-Clark products (Kleenex, Scott, most large places TP and paper towels). Check out Greenpeace about how she refuses to use recycled paper in her products.
In other news. I went to my first ASU sporting event tonight. It was a men's basketball game. I did not wear gold. I did a small amount of clapping. My first event was after I had graduated. I suppose I held off enough of the time. Did I mention that it welcomed me on the jumbotron? Well faculty and staff.