Thursday, March 22, 2007

Self Simple

A friend just told me that blogs were dangerous...
I assumed because someone could steal my identity, that is what a lot of people try to bring me to fear. But this was his statement....
" its proof that people are so painfully self absorbed that they really believe that another person on the planet gives a crap about what kind of Thai food they ate for dinner."

SO I if anyone wants to know I had General Tso's Chicken, made by ME!

But honestly I truly blog, for the love of writing that I have. I doubt that people even read this. I know that my brother used it. I like to express things that I normally would not say, I also used to be afraid of anyone seeing my writing. It is one form of a creative outlet for me....

Since I am self absorbed I am going to share the simple things that make me happy

"Simple things hold the secret" ~Carl Jung

•Rain hitting the window sill
•Milk Duds
•Hot Tea
•Loose Leaf Tea
•Waking up each more to "Judy and the Dream of Horses"
•Bamboo on my desk
•My day planer
•Ballpoint pens
•Cactus flowers
•Water bottles with straws (my Camelback one is super sweet)
•Setting goals and then changing because my thoughts change when accomplishing a goal
•Ponytail holders
•My jade rock necklace (oval rock on a string of hemp)
•Slipper socks
•Hours of conversation with people
•Staying in your pjs all day!
•Jeans that are worn many days in a row
•Plain colored shirts
•Having shelves that sit on the ground, instead on hanging on the wall
•Jazz Music (almost complex in style)

•Some many things I just can't name....